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Engaged in Professional Sound System with the support of experienced experts in providing the best solutions and the selection of products that prioritize quality above everything else and the full support after sales service.

Vision & Mission

Presenting quality Sound planning is based on the understanding of the system is reliable and appropriate
Improving understanding of the importance of planning and the selection of sound system in order to achieve optimal sound results

Our Commitment

In order to meet the needs of sound system that increasingly larger in terms of both quality and technology used then we always put customer satisfaction by providing the best services, among others:

  • Consultancy Services on matters relating to the sound system and devices as well as technology used
  • Service Design sound system designed according to the needs with the technical calculation is good and right
  • Sound System Simulation in order to achieve optimal results
  • Product Demo
  • Service “Design & Built”
  • Sales Service includes the provision of spare parts

Analysis & Measurement

Each plan requires a sound system of analysis which is accompanied by calculations as well as the right settings (setting) to obtain optimal sound results. It is a unity that can not be separated. The use of computer technology and instrumentation equipment will greatly affect the results obtained, and ultimately determine the level of sound quality.